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Ambulatory surgery focused. Customer service driven. Since 2011.


Local Expertise, Community Orientation

Noble was founded to answer the question, “Who would want to have their gallbladder taken out and go home the same day?” It turned out the answer was, “Pretty much everyone.” 

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Tom Kenjarski, Noble is a Texas-based, physician-owned, anesthesia group. Noble’s customer service-driven anesthesia team is more than 150 strong and ready to provide exceptional quality care in every setting. Our anesthesiologists and CRNAs live in the neighborhoods they service, bringing extensive anesthesia experience and a community focused approach to surgery centers, office-based surgical suites, and surgical hospitals throughout Texas.

Noble was built to answer a question. Now, we’re asking surgeons one of our own:

How much better would your life be with a locally led, highly adaptable anesthesia partner with a record that competes on the national stage and is focused entirely on the best outcomes for you and your patients? 

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Ambulatory Focused, Quality Driven

Noble’s ambulatory focus started in surgery centers and has evolved to include office-based procedures and surgical hospitals.

We work with our partners creating custom programs to deliver better patient outcomes and unmatched customer service.  With Noble, you get the strength and reliability of national groups, but with the agile touch of a local organization with decades of knowledge.

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Operational Support

When surgery is over, we don’t just go home. We engage with your team to help improve flow and efficiency, reduce cancellations, develop protocols, and participate on committees.

Expect a Response

You and your patients should have access to an anesthesia group with ongoing support—a team that’s there when you need them. That’s the Noble way.

Unmatched Experience

We care for our patients and the team we work with. Noble is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for your patients, your surgeons, and your staff.

Noble is the Answer to a Question

“Around the turn of the millennium, I overheard a group of surgeons at a large Level I Trauma Center in Dallas talking about the new surgery center opening across the street. One surgeon asked, “Who would want to have their gallbladder taken out and go home the same day?” As it turns out, the answer is, ‘Just about everybody.'”


Tom Kenjarski, MD

Founder and Managing Partner, Noble

We engage beyond delivering caring anesthesia. We support surgeons and practices with constantly evolving expertise.

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Love What You Do and Who You Work With

At Noble, our people are our most valuable resource.

Our ambulatory-based anesthesia practice offers predictable work schedules that match our outpatient facilities hours, no overnight hospital call, and flexible employment options.

Come join us at Noble.

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They Keep Every Promise They Have Made.

“I have been a CRNA for 43 years, and like most CRNAs I have worked at many facilities and for many groups. My 9 years with Noble have been the most rewarding.  Noble has a work life balance and, most importantly, they have kept every promise they have made.”

Craig Philips, CRNA

Noble team member since 2014

Our Approach

The Noble Way

Recognized expertise. Community oriented. A better patient, surgeon, and facility experience.

Noble combines the sophistication and infrastructure of large, national medical practices with the personal touch of carefully selected providers who already live and work in your neighborhood.

This blend of recognized expertise and community orientation allows Noble to render a better patient, surgeon, and facility experience.

Our Approach

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We place a premium on responsive, compassionate care — for you and your patients.

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