Anesthesia Services

Our team of anesthesiologists and CRNAs deliver reliable, high-quality, and efficient anesthesia services wherever you operate.

Ambulatory Anesthesia Services

Partner With The Premier Trusted, Texas-Based Anesthesia Group

Care starts with people. Your surgeons and patients are our colleagues, friends, and neighbors. Our experienced anesthesiologists and CRNAs treat your patients like extended family, providing quality care with the aim of improving long-term health.

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Surgery Centers

Improve flow and efficiency while increasing surgeon satisfaction and reducing cancellations, delays, and complications.
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Office-Based Procedures

Use our turnkey office-based anesthesia services to turn your office into a surgical suite for the day.
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Surgical Hospitals

Allow us to care for your higher acuity patients and improve OR utilization, develop ERAS pathways, and provide committee support.

Lower Costs, Happier Patients, Shorter Stays

“Noble’s outpatient orthopedic anesthesia program helped us decrease cost and length of stay while increasing patient satisfaction via their outstanding regional anesthesia program.”

Former Administrator

Baylor, Scott & White Medical Center at White Rock

How It Works

Discover What Comprehensive Ambulatory Anesthesia Services Look Like

We’re here to deliver the quality ambulatory anesthesia services your patients need in a way that helps you, too.

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On-Time, 100% Show Up Rate

We can’t control everything, yet we can commit to our values and our word. Our teams will be ready, on-time, on-schedule for your surgery 100% of the time.

Responsive Service

Speak to an on-call anesthesiologist, get help with billing, or ask any questions you need to feel confident. We’re here for you and your patients.

Operational Support

When surgery is over, we don’t just go home. We engage with your team to help improve flow and efficiency, reduce cancellations, develop protocols, and participate on committees.

Unmatched Experience

We care for our patients and the team we work with. Noble is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for your patients, your surgeons, and your staff.

We’ll Do More Than Just Show Up.

Our anesthesiologists and CRNAs play a critical role in the wellbeing of your patients. We commit to caring for your patients — our patients — as if they were our own family.

What to Expect

Learn How We Serve The Entire Surgical Team

Ambulatory anesthesia services are an opportunity to improve experiences — for patients, surgeons, and facilities.

Patient Experience

Compassion, care, and clinically-sound practice. That’s what patients deserve when we place them under anesthesia.

Surgeon Experience

Partner with an experienced anesthesia team committed to improving patient flow and efficiency while reducing cancellations, delays, and complications.

Surgical Hospitals

Keep the logistics of your facility — whether a small practice or complex hospital — running smoothly with a top-notch anesthesia team.

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Local Ambulatory Anesthesiology Services Near You

What started in Dallas has since grown statewide. With new anesthesiologists and CRNAs joining our group daily, and our national infrastructure, we stand ready to provide services in your surgery center, office, or surgical hospital.

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