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As anesthesiologists and CRNAs, we know how challenging our work can be. That’s why we focus on flexible, secure, and predictable work. We’ve built a friendly Texas-based anesthesia group and we’d love to have you check it out.

Our services cover all types of work environments, including surgery centers, office-based surgical suites, and surgical hospitals—which means you have options in building a career that works for your lifestyle.

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They Keep Every Promise They Have Made

“I have been a CRNA for 43 years, and like most CRNAs I have worked at many facilities and for many groups. My 9 years with Noble have been the most rewarding. Noble has a work life balance and, most importantly, they have kept every promise they have made.”

Craig Philips, CRNA

Noble team member since 2014

Create the Career You Want — And Deserve

You care about your work and patients, and you deserve a workplace that cares for you.

Bring your expertise and dedication; we’ll take care of building a schedule and work environment that works for you.

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Regular Schedules

Done with working holidays, weekends, and taking calls? At Noble, our ambulatory focus means you work regular business hours if that’s your preference.

Flexible Environment

Like to collaborate? Prefer a more independent style? We can find ways to create work environments that align to your ideal working models.


We have partners and kids — furbabies, too. It’s important to us you make the winter concerts, medical appointments, and moments that only come once.

Great Salaries

We’re more than competitive. We ask you to bring your expertise and patient-centric mindset — and we’ll compensate you so you feel valued and rewarded for your work.

The Extra Benefit: The Noble Work Community

“There is a sense of community within the group that makes Noble great to work with. I will always appreciate the way Noble treated its anesthesia team during the uncertain times early in the pandemic, reaching out and providing reassurance.” 

Yvonne Claflin

MD, Noble team member since 2019

A Compassionate Anesthesia Group



Years Combined Experience


The Joy of Putting Patients First

“It’s a privilege to work in a group so dedicated to optimal patient experience. We listen and tailor each anesthetic. We use current techniques and novel regional blocks to achieve excellent postoperative comfort and enhanced recovery.”

Jingyi Li

MD, Noble team member since 2016


None of the Corporate Bureaucracy. All of the Benefits.

Access generous benefits and accommodations to live the life you want.





Retirement Plan

No Call

Holidays Off

Flexible Hours

Parental Leave

In the eight years that I have worked with Noble Anesthesia, I have always been treated as a valued team member and not just another warm body.

They have always worked hard to support me, while I grew in a safe autonomous practice.

Shane Story

Chief CRNA, Noble team member since 2014
friendly registered nurse speaking to a doctor

Types of Roles

Explore Positions Open at Noble Anesthesia

We’re growing and seeking dedicated experts to join our team in a variety of roles.

  • Anesthesiologists
  • CRNAs
  • Registered Nurses

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It All Comes Down to Care

Tenacity. Collaboration. Integrity. Adaptability. Caring.

Our values may speak for themselves, but what we want you to know is how much we mean them. And how much we truly care for each other.

It’s what our employees reflect on year after year. At Noble, we have a special, welcoming workplace that puts your needs first — because care begets care.

Nurse And Child Wearing Face Masks, Bumping Elbows

I love working for Noble Anesthesia Partners because everyday it truly feels like I’m working with family.

From my very first day, I could tell that each team member, from the physicians and CRNAs to the office team, was thoughtfully hired and a good fit for the team. Everyone goes above and beyond to help each other out and provide the best patient care possible. Noble Anesthesia is also extremely innovative. We are constantly elevating the bar in our care for patients and ensuring they have the best operative experience possible!

Leslie Conroy

MD, Noble team member since 2021

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